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With climate change well underway, the effects on the outdoor environment are numerous and well documented. However, it goes without saying that indoor air quality is also heavily affected. This can have very serious effects on our quality of life and our health. We believe that air purifiers are the best way to reverse these effects and allow us to breathe more freely.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad information out there. After being led astray by would be authorities on the internet one too many times, we decided to do our part to set the record straight. As a result, Air Purifier Answers was born.

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Our Mission

We aim to use scientific research, up to date news, and first-hand experience to provide people with the most accurate and reliable information available. We want people to feel at ease and confident when choosing the air cleaner that suits them. It is a decision that could have an extraordinarily positive impact on one's quality of life, health, and peace of mind, and we are proud to be able to assist in this process.

Fresh Air

Meet the Founder

After years of suffering needlessly from allergies and other respiratory ailments, I was admittedly
well into adulthood when I first discovered air purifiers. However, it just might have been the belatedness of
this revelation that led to my passionate appreciation. Whatever the case, I am now a regular user of
air cleaners and have never looked back.

As I waited so long to try them, it is now my goal to educate people about air cleaning technologies and
their benefits in hopes that they will not wait as long as I did. It is never too soon to start breathing better air.

Zachary Paruch


Long time allergy and asthma sufferer;
air purifier enthusiast.

You’ve Made It This Far…

You’re clearly concerned about the quality of the air you breathe. The next step is to do some research on what kind of solution may be right for you.